About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Our founder, Marc Bernard Schauber, worked as a Paramedic in the NYC 9-11 system as well as being a volunteer Paramedic and Firefighter.  Marc had the opportunity to volunteer in a number of states as well as teach EMT classes.  He saw first hand the discrepancy in the level of care available from community to community.  In starting The EMS Fund, Marc’s ultimate goal is to level the playing field so every person in every community has access to the same high level of care that is expected and is standard in our large cities.

Board Members

  • Marc Bernard Schauber, President & Treasurer
  • Dr. Ellen Schauber, Secretary
  • Dr. Walter B. Schulman, MD
  • Andrew J. Chernick


  • New York Not-For-Profit Corporation
  • Vermont Foreign Non-profit Corporation
  • IRS 501(c)(3): 46-5514383
  • NYS Charities Bureau: 44-38-47
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